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Friday, 8 June 2012

Nordair Boeing 737 Combi Cargo Passenger Jet Film

A very interesting film about Nordair's Boeing 737 Combi Aircraft. The video takes you from Montreal to the Arctic, back to southern Canada, then on to Jamaica. Nordair later became part of Canadian Airlines. The Boeing 737/Combi truly was a remarkable aircraft. I had the opportunity to work on these aircraft after our merger with Canadian Airlines and fly to many of the northern and Arctic destinations. It really was quite an adventure for those of us from Wardair, when I started flying we only flew to international destinations on Boeing 747's and DC-10's. Many of our flight attendants looked forward to working on the Arctic routes and small aircraft, whereas the flight attendants from Nordair, EPA & PWA were excited to be flying to Rio De Janeiro, Rome and Hong Kong. I remember opening the aft airstairs with -40 degree temperatures and wind blowing the snow in, medical evacuation passengers being transferred to hospitals in the south, and getting to the flight deck involved passing all the pallets of cargo, then opening the cargo nets which secured the cargo from shifting towards the cockpit. It was a great experience and part of my flying career I will always remember fondly!

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