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Sunday, 28 August 2011

CP Air Route Map & Schedule October 1978

CP Air Route Map October 1978

CP Air Schedule Transatlantic, Transpacific October 1978

CP Air Schedule Latin America, Transborder October 1978


  1. Hello, this is a great website! I'm at Canadian North in Edmonton, we still use the Empress call sign and still serve hot meals on most of our flights, even with Dash 8 aircraft! SH

    1. WOW factor. I miss the Big Orange. CP was a great airline.

  2. Hi Sam, thank you! I remember when Wardair merged with Canadian Airlines and I started flying some of the northern routes, it was great fun flying the Boeing 737 Combi, and visiting those new destinations. I didn't know the Empress call sign was still being used, cool!

  3. This is an amazing vintage map. Do you mind if I repost the item on my blog (with full credit to you?) Love your blog, Matt (www.timetablist.blogspot.com)

  4. Hi Matt, yes by all means please feel free to use the map. Had a chance to look at your blog and you have some wonderful posts there as well, very interesting! Looking forward to following your blog! Cheers.