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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wardair Canada. These are pictures of our econmy class service. This is the airline I started flying with prior to two mergers.

Wardair Stewardess Flight Attendant

Wardair Inflight Service

Wardair Economy Class Meal

Wardair Economy Class featured Royal Doulton china served on linen tablecloths, entrees such as Filet Mignon, Salmon Wellington, Lobster Thermidor, Roast Chateaubriand or Chicken Kiev, appetizer served first, followed by the entree all delivered by hand, no trollies. This was followed with a dessert cart featuring fresh fruit and cheeses, and choices such as a Black Forest Gateau, Sherry Trifle or Baked Alaska.


  1. Looks like the airline I joined in 1973. very proud to have been a member of the crew.
    Wanda Lalonde

  2. The airline I joined in 1976 till they closed the Montreal base.....snif. Very proud to have also been part of the Wardair adventure.
    Nicole Trudeau Nantel

  3. My Grandpa was best friends with Max Ward, who was the founder of Wardair. I was too young to really remember much about it, but I always loved hearing about. It looks so luxurious! Even though my Grandpa died a couple years ago, Max, his wife, and my Nana are still very close.

  4. I was so fortunate to start my career at Wardair! I miss so much the elegance and class that was Wardair! I am still friends 25 yrs later with all of my peeps and only we know what it what was really like and how sad it is now at AC. Thank You for the reminder!!!
    D. Reynolds F/A YVR BASE

  5. We certainly were fortunate to have started our career at that time. We had the finest of tools to work with and to be in your early twenties, spending summers in Europe and winters in Hawaii was quite the experience!

  6. Wardair was the best airline in the world! Royal Doulton china? Free alcohol? Gourmet meals? Dessert cart and liqueres. I sure miss those days and it really wasn't all that long ago! Ken, Wardair, CP Air and of course good old Canadian Airlines International!